45 Degree Male Female Elbows Tupy Galvanized

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45 Degree Male Female Elbows Tupy Galvanized

87,000 ریال


TUPY manufactures the most complete line of

Pipe Fittings in malleable cast iron used in the
transportation of liquids, gases and fumes, for
residential, commercial and industrial use.

TUPY’s pipe fittings, with BSP and NPT
threads are supplied in several types of
surface finishing and according to domestic
and international standards. Besides being
the leader in the Brazilian market, TUPY
exports to all continents guaranteeing
long-lasting applications in the most diverse
usage conditions.

TUPY pipe fittings reach the market through large wholesale industrial material stores, construction material stores, finishing material stores, hydraulic material stores and do-it-yourself home-building networks.

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